About Us

Carlton Rochell spent the first eighteen years of his career at Sotheby's, where he founded the Indian and Southeast Asian Art Department in 1988. He handled important works of art from such well-known collections as Mrs. Nelson Rockefeller, Carter Burden, Alice Heeramaneck, William S. Paley, Mrs. James Alsdorf, Mr. and Mrs. Klaus Perls, and Earl Morse. Later, he became the Managing Director of Sotheby's China and Southeast Asia and Head of the Sotheby's Asian Departments worldwide, as well as a highly regarded auctioneer. Souren Melekian wrote “At Sotheby’s, Carlton Rochell in New York raised his auctions of Indian art, now held during Asia week, to world eminence in the last two or three years.”(International Herald Tribune, July 26, 1997)

Since its founding in 2002, Carlton Rochell Asian Art has handled important works of art from renowned collections including Mr. and Mrs. Jack Zimmerman, Dr. David R. Nalin, and Wesley and Carolyn Halpert. Mr. Rochell has sold to well-known institutions in the field as well as to distinguished private collectors.